Welcome to MobiGym!

Get fit and fab while having fun. We come to you.

We are committed to help you achieve

YOUR health and fitness goals in
YOUR space and
YOUR time.

We make Personal Training PERSONAL again...


We bring all our fitness equipment with us and train you at:

*Your home
*Your work
*A local park
*Your school
*Your onsite gym


We train you at a mutually agreed upon time that fits your schedule.

Weekdays 05:00 - 19:00
Saturdays 06:00 - 13:00

Who can we train?

Whatever your age, gender, fitness level, goal or experience - we will create a customized program for you.

We also assist special needs clients such as:
* Children
* Pregnant and post natal women
* Obese and diabetic/insulin resistant adults and children
* Older adults (60 plus)


* Removes excuses
* We come to you
* No equipment needed
* Train with a qualified fitness professional
* Improve motivation * Improve overall health and fitness
* Fun exercise routines tailored especially for you
* Reduces injuries

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